How to save/attach a video clip to e-mail?

  crespo 03:16 22 Mar 07

Hiya.Can anyone help me on how can you attach or send a small video clip off a webpage in an email to a friend? I'm using Hotmail if it makes any difference.Thanks.C.

  Diodorus Siculus 07:51 22 Mar 07

Many websites will not allow you to save the videos; you can always add a link to the page as an alternative.

  wotbus@ 08:04 22 Mar 07

2 possible problems here:
1. Hotmail is very selective about what happens within their email manager. This is in the users best interest and sometimes the baby goes out with the bathwater ;-)
2. It may be the size that's banning it. Even a small video clip can be a huge file.
Are you just asking the procedure for doing it or why aren't you successful in doing it?

  wotbus@ 08:06 22 Mar 07

PS What format is the video clip?

  Graham. 09:26 22 Mar 07

If it is .avi, simply upload it to Photobucket, or YouTube, and include the url in the message.

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