How To Save Address Book From Worms

  Wirral Bagpuss 21:39 10 Mar 04

To All Virus Writers
You spineless cowards!! Thats my condemation without breaking forum rules by using bad language. Why you my ask? Well i've just had my father on the telephone very upset nbecause his comnputer is infected with some sort of worm. So what you may question yourself whilst reading this. Well i'll tell you. My Mother died 18 months ago horribly from Cancer. We both miss her terribly and i am in tears tonight at the damage these viruses have caused.There are e-mails messages in my father's e-mails in box from my Mother which are of obvious sentimental value. Do these virus writers realise how much pain they are causing in cases like this? I think not!.
My questions is this. How can i save my Mother's messages to my Father without infecting the rest of his computer?. I know i can (hopefully get a patch from Norton curing the virus itself, but i'm more concerned with my Mother's e-mails to my Father.
Please please help as both my Father and myself are very upset by what has happened.

  VoG II 21:44 10 Mar 04

I sympathise.

Try to calm down and tell us the name of the virus please. What is the exact error message?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 00:13 11 Mar 04

It is unlikely that the virus will have caused any damage that cannot be repaired. Name of virus and/or symptoms please. As the emails are important, post here for instructions how to back them up to floppy/CD.


  Wirral Bagpuss 20:03 11 Mar 04

Sorry if my post seemed a bit angry last night, i was very upset and a bit sloshed!! Forgive me!! I will look at my father's PC this weekend and then i will be able to determine wich virus it is. Gandalf, if you could give me those instructions on how to back up the e-mails to a floppy disk, that would be super.

Thanks guys!

  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:41 11 Mar 04

Of course.....insert teh floppy...go to click here who explain the process more eloquently than yours truly. I assume that you are using OE. If you are using Outlook, post back as it is much easier to backup from Outlook.

There is another article here but it is a bit geeky. Another here using a different method.


  Forum Editor 20:47 11 Mar 04

is to copy and paste the entire thing into a Word processor.

That way you get the message in its entirety but you don't get anything else. You end up with a clean Word document which you can save in the normal way.

It's not a method I would use for normal backups, but in cases like yours it's perfect - a few minutes work and you can relax a little.

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