how to rollback mozilla?

  Superstylin 22:08 04 Oct 05

hi, id like to rollback mozilla from the new 1.0.7 version to 1.0.6 since roboform does not support the newer version.

failing info on how to rollback does anyone know where i can download the older version?

  Diodorus Siculus 22:25 04 Oct 05

I can email it to you if you want.

Don't think you can rollback unless you have a system restore point available.

  SANTOS7 22:27 04 Oct 05

click here
Firefox, Mozilla and Netscape

RoboForm Adapter as Extension, Versions Supported.
RoboForm works in these versions of these browsers if you install RoboForm Adapter ver 6.4.4 :
Firefox 1.0 - 1.0.7 ; Mozilla 1.7.2 - 1.7.12 ; Netscape 7.1 -
statement taken from link, suggests from roboform support (in another link) uninstall/reinstall will solve the problem

  bretsky 22:52 04 Oct 05

Thank you for the link, I too am using Firefox 1.0.7 and have just installed the RoboForm Adapter as Extension and all seems to be working ............thanx again.

Sorry to muscle in superstylin69

bretsky ;0)

  SANTOS7 22:57 04 Oct 05

Glad it worked, bretsky, just hope it works for superstylin69...

  Superstylin 23:02 04 Oct 05

sorry for the delay in reply...just gonna try it now santos

  SANTOS7 23:03 04 Oct 05

Me fingers is crossed matey!!!!

  Superstylin 23:07 04 Oct 05

well uncross those fingers now cos it worked a treat...kept all my passwords intact too...cheers mon amie. thanks diodorus too for your suggestion and offer. oh, and no problem bretsky for 'muscling in' :). resolved!

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