how to restore windows fonts back to default and delete user installed fonts in one action?

  theDarkness 27 Apr 11

I have quite a few additional fonts I no longer want, but I dont seem to be able to list them according to installation date and uninstall them in one action. Is there an easy to restore fonts back to default in windows vista? thanks

  theDarkness 27 Apr 11

thanks - this looks like it will do the job, but from its website it states that its for 2k/xp. Does anyone know if xp and vista use exactly the same font collection, or if vistas own default fonts are protected-should I worry incase this program deletes needed fonts, and on another bootup I can no longer read certain areas of windows? I needed to keep windows own installed font folder as small as possible - I wish I could keep all unneeded fonts in a seperate folder (fontfrenzy states it can do this), but also be able to auto install them from that location, when any program requested missing fonts, but I believe I may have to find more than one utility thats compatible with each program in use, usually adobe in my case-but thats another issue :)

  theDarkness 27 Apr 11

update:- I think it worked, windows vista has seemingly removed all user installed fonts. I now have 200 items in the windows font folder, can anyone confirm if this is roughly correct? 183 Opentype, 7 raster, 10 truetype

  theDarkness 28 Apr 11

thanks to both :) i did find a few lists, but yours was the most precise.. my list is exactly the same, no more fonts, and no less, so the list must be correct. fontfrenzy did its work, it states that I have 251 fonts, which show up as 200 items in the default windows font folder. I think for being able to auto install fonts when requested, Ill just have to get a simple font viewer (that handles all font types and can list by title name) that I can link up to fontfrenzy and its folder of deleted fonts instead, easiest solution.


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