how to remove browser and any associtated debris

  jacobjohn7 25 Feb 13

this has somehow maliciously attached itself to my browser.. comes up now and again.. but want to remove if possible.. other little bits of software that I didnt want or ask for seem to have appeared. help please.

  northumbria61 26 Feb 13

I am hoping this will help you - enter link description here

Scroll down the replies to find How to remove - this will probably be the first and easiest thing to try.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 26 Feb 13

Malwarebytes is a trusted way of removing this menace.

  SEOMaster 03 Mar 13

Snapdo didn’t hijack your browser. You must have downloaded it when you installed another program. It happens all the time – freeware often comes bundled with other programs. Uninstalling it shouldn’t be difficult. Try their Help section

  misscupcake 12 Mar 13

That's just my two cents but honestly, it wasn't that easy after all. First, I couldn't find anything with that name, no or Snap do software, nothing. It was hiding under completely different name - Video Performer. When I removed it, was still there, so I had to re-install my web browsers which surprisingly didn't help at all!!! was still there. How's that even possible? So, anyway, after spending two hours or so, I finally manged to remove it, party manually following instructions located here:

and then using this nice tool called AdwCleaner which is available for download from Bleeping computer site:


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