how to remove all traces of a tiscali account?

  palinka 10:40 04 Feb 05

Set up a tiscali account for a friend, then somehow managed to do it all over again, with a slightly different user name but same password.

[email protected] etc [email protected] etc
I want to keep the first account and delete the second so that my friend is not confused.

In OE Tools>Accounts only the first account is listed, but incoming mail from Tiscali is using the second and their "welcome" email was addressed to the second account. There has been no "Welcome" email to the first account.

I can ask Tiscali to cancel the second account, but that still leaves it on the computer.

  Diodorus Siculus 17:07 04 Feb 05

Can you delete both and then install the one that you want again?

  palinka 17:23 04 Feb 05

It's v. difficult to do that because the tiscali database (or whatever it is) will tell me that the name i've chosen for such a new acount is already in use by another user! (ie my friend!). That's really how I got into the mess in the first place - though the details are not relevant so I didn't include aLL that in my mailing

  palinka 17:24 04 Feb 05

Have now received the "welcome" email to the first account - but that doesn't solve my problem.

  Diodorus Siculus 17:37 04 Feb 05

I'n not sure what you want to do. If simply change OE, then it will not affect the Tiscali database.

Simply delete the accounts and manually put in the details - servers, usernames, passwords and so on.

  FelixTCat 17:39 04 Feb 05

I presume that these ar pay-as-you-go accounts.

All you have to do is delete all the references to one of the Tiscali accounts from the computer. Keep the other (whichever you like).

  NickyK 17:54 04 Feb 05

Telephone Tiscali for help, perhaps? They're very nice. But check first that they don't charge for help - I don't think they do.

  Stuartli 18:06 04 Feb 05
  palinka 18:45 04 Feb 05

thank you all for your suggestions. FelixTCat, that's exactly what I want to do - namely delete all reference to the account she doesn't want. It's HOW to delete all traces in C drive that defeats me; how do I know which references are to the account she wants to keep and which to the account she wants to delete?

  FelixTCat 23:12 04 Feb 05

I can think of two places you might like to look. First, in Dial Up Networking there may be two entries. Each will contain the log-in name. Note which one you want to keep and delete the other.

The other place may be in your email program (Outlook Express?) Again, if there is more than one entry, delete the one you don't want. However, I think that you have to make the entries yourself, so there may only be the one.

Frankly, don't worry about it. There are no secret entries hidden on the computer.

Some people who signed up for Tiscali using a free cd from a magazine find that both Internet Explorer and Outlook Express have Tiscali branding on those programs. If you have this, let us know and we will tell you how to remove them - it is very straightforward.

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