How to re-establish contact with Talktalk Mail??

  six-h 23:58 06 Aug 08

Trying to configure "Outlook" to connect with the TalkTalk server to re-connect with my e-mail account!
Tried my correct e-mail address, and the talktalk provided password, but Outlook can find neither encrypted or un-encrypted connections.
What am I doing wrong?
My account has not been accessed for about 4 weeks or so (don't know if that is significant)

  six-h 00:20 07 Aug 08

Outlook. Just one problem, there are no items in either in or out boxes!!
How do I coax them down from the server?

  Diversion 00:33 07 Aug 08

Send yourself an email!

  saab10 00:35 07 Aug 08

Hello there
I was with talktalk some while ago but changed to BT when i moved house last march, and i can still pick up email from talktalk.
Open Outlook, then tools, then email accounts. Check add a new email account then next, check POP 3, then next, in User information add your name and your email address, in logon information add your user name and your password, check box remember password.
on Server informatiion incoming mail server (pop3) should be and outgoing mail server (smtp) should be next then finish
this worked fine for me hopr it does the same for you

  six-h 00:37 07 Aug 08

still on the server.
There must be about a month's worth of unread messages!

  six-h 00:40 07 Aug 08

after much struggling!
Problem now is how to coax down about a month's worth of un read mail!
If it were pidgeons, I'd be chucking bits of bread around my monitor, but I don't know what would entice e-mails. lol.

  saab10 00:53 07 Aug 08

To get email another way
in the address bar type in click here
on talktalk type in your email address and password then sign in, if you have mail it will be there this is a good way of making sure that you talktalk email addree is working

  six-h 00:58 07 Aug 08

working first!
If I read mail using the web connection, they are then "seen" by Outlook as read, at least that was what happened in Outlook Express! and I feel that "Unread" mail will be more readily downloaded.

  saab10 01:44 07 Aug 08

What antivirus/spyware are you using?
try diabling them one at a time to see if you can recieve email that might pinpoint the problem

  six-h 01:45 07 Aug 08

Seems I'm not as popular as I thought I was!
sum total of one months mail: - two bills from TalkTalk, One test e-mail from myself, and thnkfully, one message from a friend!!

  six-h 01:49 07 Aug 08

the screen and didn't see your last post 'till after.
Still, all's well, and I'm running again...for the few who want to know!!
Thanks for your help.

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