How to print test page with Epson C90 printer?

  stlucia2 15 Sep 12

I'm overseas at the moment, and have just replaced two empty ink cartridges in my host's Epson C90 printer with genuine Epson ones. Everything works okay, and the cartridges show up okay in the on-screen ink monitor, but there's occasional white stripes across the print.

Problem is, I can't find any head-cleaning routine in the Start -> Printers and Faxes -> Epson C90 screen. When I click on Printer and then select Properties I get an option to print a test page, but no option to clean the heads when the test page doesn't come out right.

Any ideas where this function, presuming it exists for this printer, can be found please? Or do I just have to hope it will clean itself enough after several repeated boot-ups?

  stlucia2 15 Sep 12

Oh dear, the sun's getting to me! The title, of course, should be "HOW TO CLEAN HEADS ON EPSON C90 PRINTER?"

  sharpamat 15 Sep 12

If you are useing Win 7 from the start button go to control pannel/select printers/highlight the printer/right click and select print prefences, and then you should get the maintance box which will have cleaning and test page print

  stlucia2 15 Sep 12

Ok, I've found the Maintenance box now. Seems like the Print Test Page button I was using was only to test the printer setup -- it printed a Windows test page, not the short series of sloping lines that I was expecting.

All sorted now, thank you.

  sharpamat 15 Sep 12

Your welcome please mark as resolved as it may help others


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