How to print in book format?

  bluemoon69 08 Feb 12

Hi and thanks in advance. I have just bought a PC game and the instruction booklet is in PDF format and have been trying all afternoon to print it out in booklet form. All i have managed is to get it printed 4 pages at a time on one sheet, if you know what i mean...2pages each side but not what i want. There must be a way or something out there that will allow me to print all the pages about 170 in one go. Hope you understand what i mean :) Many thanks Cliffy.

  john bunyan 08 Feb 12
  bluemoon69 08 Feb 12

Thanks for quick reply John. But no good mate. Is just doing the same as i explained earlier, just printing little 4 page booklets on per sheet. Want to do the whole thing, this is bugging me now and have been googling it also. Ok will keep looking and hopefully some one will have the answers...fingers crossed. Cheers.

  bluemoon69 09 Feb 12

OK sorted now. I use Nitro PDF and this could not manage to do what i required, as far as i could see anyhow. Not being an Adobe fan was my downfall as it seems :) Frustrated as i was thought that i would install and give them a go, oh how i wished i tried earlier. It was so simple with Adobe reader 10 point something i think it is. Just a couple of clicks with my mouse and sit back have a coffee and there it is my little booklet of almost 200 pages. It pains me to say this but thank you Adobe :)as the little meerkats say SIMPLES. Thanks for the input and i hope this can help out others in the future. Cheers Cliffy.

  john bunyan 09 Feb 12

Thanks for feedback. Never used it but will have a look and note for future. Glad you sorted it!

  bluemoon69 09 Feb 12

No probs and cheers John for helping out.


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