How to prevent SP3 download?

  Flying Teddy 22:50 16 Jul 08

recently, Windows Update tells me that XP SP3 is ready for download. I do not want to download it (yet).

Usually, there is an option for telling Windows Update that I do not want a particular update and that it should stop telling me about it. This usually works well.

Unfortunately, the SP3 update doesn't seem to have this option. Thus there is a permanent 'yellow blob' in my system tray which is persistently telling me to download SP3. Is there any way of stopping Windows Update from telling me to download SP3?

I apologise in advance to any respondents; due to work schedules, I shall be unable to attend this board for about another 24 hours, but nevertheless, I would be grateful for any suggestions (except get another job!) and I will be back in due course!

  brundle 23:20 16 Jul 08
  Stuartli 00:14 17 Jul 08

Using the Security Center, configure WindowsUpdate to Notify You of Updates but Not to Install Them.

When the yellow icon appears, click on it, choose Customise and leave SP3 unchecked (and any other updates you might not want).

You will then get a new panel asking if you wish to be notified again of unselected updates - tick the box to indicate that you don't wish to be informed again.

  MCE2K5 00:40 17 Jul 08

That's how I did it, Could not remember what I did, Brain Fade I think.

  Flying Teddy 21:18 17 Jul 08

...and thank you for your contributions - I now have the problem sorted using Stuartli's suggestion. Brundle's link does however look quite interesting, and I'll have a look at that registry entry to see what's going on.. Thanks Guys.

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