how to open .mht files

  cedar palace 27 Jan 13

I downloaded a 90 min video that I had recorded on a FOXSAT-HDR onto a USB flash drive. I wish to burn it to a CD. The file is in .mht format and I can't open it. Does anyone know of a program that will open the file and turn it into something usable? The video will play on my TV from the flash drive via the foxsat pvr but not open on my Vista .

  Chronos the 2nd 27 Jan 13
  lotvic 27 Jan 13

There will be 3 files for the film from foxsat harddrive. The actual film is the .ts file. The other 2, .hmt and .nts are foxsat's indexing and info files and are not needed when you burn the movie to a DVD.

  lotvic 27 Jan 13

If your Media Players on your pc cannot play .ts files then they lack the necessary codecs to decipher them. Which media players have you got/tried to play your movie with?

  cedar palace 27 Jan 13

Chronos. Have navigated my way and arrived at "this folder cannot be opened by I.E."

Lotvic. I am trying to open the .ts file. Windows Media Player doesn't want to know.

  lotvic 27 Jan 13

You would be better to use the free Media Player VLC from which comes with it's own set of codecs and will play almost anything. (it's ages since I installed it so can't quite remember if there are any extra progs and toolbars to UNtick/decline during installation - most free programs have something bundled with it so just be aware)

  cedar palace 27 Jan 13

Lotvic. Downloaded VLC Media Player, burnt the file to a DVD and played it back. Worked like a charm. Many thanks.

Chronos the Second. Thanks for the reply.

  lotvic 27 Jan 13

Glad you're sorted :)


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