How often should I clean my laptop?

  james300 10:25 14 Mar 11

Howdy, ya'll,

How often should I clean my laptop? I wipe it regularly with a pure-cotton cloth to get rid of dust and such, but how often should I give it a proper clean, using liquids or whatever?

Also, how necessary is a 'proper' clean?

Thanks :)

  onthelimit 10:37 14 Mar 11

Do no more than you're doing now. If the screen gets dirty, use a soft, damp (not wet) cloth. I use Cyber Clean click here# on keyboards.

  robin_x 11:56 14 Mar 11

Just did mine half an hour ago (first time in weeks)

Paintbrush to remove dust/grit.

Windowlene sprayed on kitchen roll.
Microfibre cloth.

  Sea Urchin 11:59 14 Mar 11

Never liquids!

  woodchip 15:21 14 Mar 11

you should not use any chemicals on the screen or plastics as this can cause damage

  james300 20:12 14 Mar 11

Thanks, everyone.

Is it necessity to clean the screen and keyboard with anything other than a cotton cloth (or t-shirt in my case)? I read once a year it has to be cleaned with some kind of cleaning product (not a liquid!) to keep the screen all shiny and new?

  ams4127 21:05 14 Mar 11

I've just bought a bottle of Brasso screen cleaning fluid from Tesco. I have used it on my desktop, laptop and ipad screens and found it to be very good. It has been specifically designed for these.

  DerekR 21:56 14 Mar 11

Brasso eh?
Might try that, along with a new brillo pad on mine. (have to be new as a the old brillo on the kitchen shelf is rusty)

Just jesting!

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