How to network 2.5” HDD?

  QinesiQ 11:51 23 May 07

I have been using my spare 2.5” HDD as a portable external drive but now I’d like to network it.

Problem: all 2.5 HDD Enclosures (that I can find) don’t have an RJ45 LAN port

Only solution I can think of (so far) is: 3.5” HDD LAN caddy (plenty of those) + 2.5" to 3.5" hdd adapter (plenty of those).

Does anyone know of a 2.5” HDD LAN caddy or have a better idea?


  P1d 14:25 23 May 07

I've not seen any 2.5" LAN caddies only 3.5" ones like you say.

Could you leave the drive connected to a pc and share the drive?

  QinesiQ 15:23 23 May 07

I was hoping for a solution which did not require my pc to be powered on most of the time.

Thank you for reassuring me that I haven't overlooked anything.

  Danoh 18:23 23 May 07

Would the cost of a 3.5" HDD be close enough to the cost of a 2.5"->3.5" adapter, for you to just buy it instead?

  QinesiQ 20:13 23 May 07

Hi Danoh
I'm not sure I follow. Do you mean just buy the adapter part? If so, what do I do for the LAN port?

Sorry must be one of those days for me.

  Danoh 21:29 23 May 07

My apologies - its my wording. I meant just buy a 3.5" HDD to fit into a LAN connectable box.
The cost of which can be offset by the cost of the 2.5-3.5" adapter.
So you will still have the use of your external 2.5" HDD.

  QinesiQ 22:21 23 May 07

My fault and I do see what you mean now. I completely miss-read that for some reason.

The adapters are very inexpensive (e.g. 99p+1.99 on ebay).

Thanks for the suggestion though.

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