How much spare space do I need when burning to a DVD?

  Trenny 17:33 28 Dec 13

I want to burn data to a 4.38 giga DVD-R by dragging files across on my Vista lapttop and using the 'burn' option. I have created a folder and sub-folders on my data drive which add up to 4.04 Giga. The burning starts up OK and then freezes when I get to the last folder and the program stops responding. What can I do? If I restart the laptop I find that the files on the DVD have disappeared, but the dvd show as having no space.

Help, please. If the folder is too large, what is the largest size that would 'work'?

  rdave13 18:11 28 Dec 13

It could be the old nut of how many MB in a GB. Manufacturers say 100 but actual is 1024. So your disc is actually 4.277 GB. Just over the limit for you. Usually DVD discs are marked as 4.7 GB not 4.38 though.

  rdave13 18:12 28 Dec 13

That should be '1000' not '100' - typo!

  Jollyjohn 18:34 28 Dec 13

What software are you using to burn the dvd?

If I recall correctly Vista only supports cd burning, you will need something else, like Nero or CDBurnerXP

  rdave13 18:47 28 Dec 13

You might be better off getting a 8 GB flash drive, they're about 5 to 7 squids.

  wee eddie 19:03 28 Dec 13

I can't imagine why anyone still bothers to burn disks. It's clunky and slow

  Trenny 19:33 28 Dec 13

Many thanks all.

Jollyjohn, I am not using any special software. The bar across the top of the window has a 'burn' option. And a message comes up telling me to drag files across to the dvd RW drive.

rdave13, Good idea. I hadn't thought of that! But I have five unused DVDs, several years old, so thought I would 'use them up'. And flash drives are rather easy to lose...

  rdave13 19:46 28 Dec 13

If they're several years old I'd go for the flash drive option. Get one with a key ring and stick a bookmark on it lol ;))

  bumpkin 20:07 28 Dec 13

"And flash drives are rather easy to lose..." Attach it to one of your old DVDs with a cable tie:-)

  rdave13 20:14 28 Dec 13

now, now bumpkin ..

  rdave13 20:51 28 Dec 13

Glad you're sorted and never mind the leg pulling :)

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