How much space does System Restore need?

  Red Devil 12:46 10 Mar 05

As my HD was starting to get filled up I started delving into what was actually taking up the space on my HD.

When I looked at the settings for System Restore I saw that it was set up to have 14Gb available.

Now that's 10% of the capacity of my HD. Does it really need that much space? If not, then how much space should I make available for it?


  Technotiger 12:53 10 Mar 05

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  Stuartli 12:57 10 Mar 05

System Restore is set by default at 12 per cent of disk capacity, a figure decided when hard drive capacities were very much lower than today's three-figure GB drives costing as little as £45 upwards.

You can alter the percentage via SR's settings - depending on the size of your hard drive it should be reduced to around five per cent; the larger the drive the smaller the percentage.

My 60GB drive returns an SR use figure of 2280MB at five per cent.

  AubreyS 13:01 10 Mar 05

If you go and do a disc clean up then select more options. Go down to the System Rstore section and then clean up you can delete all but the last restore point. Only do this if you are happy that your system is running well. You will be surprised by how much space on your hard drive will be freed up. I do this every so often.

  FelixTCat 13:03 10 Mar 05

By default, System Restore is allocated 12% of your hard disk space; it will not necessarily occupy it. 14 GB is a little excessive - Microsoft set the minimum of 200 MB, so there is plenty of room for manoeuvre between those limits.

Whilst 12 GB is allocated, it may not be occupying it and other processes may be occupying space. There is a handy little utility called Tree Size: click here which will show you how much space is being occupied and by what.

If you want to recover some space, try the following:

1. empty your temp folder

2. empty the recycle bin

3. reduce the size of the recycle bin

4. reduce the space allocated to temporary internet files

5. reduce the space allocated to system restore

  Mango Grummit 15:31 10 Mar 05

200 MB is ample.

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