How much need I scan for Virus etc

  TATHS 15:53 23 Mar 08

I have a Celeron 2GHz desktop running XP Home with 2GB memory. The C drive (Disk 0) has a capacity of 15gb of which 12gb are currently used. It is devoted to programs, most of which are needed regularly. The D drive is purely for working data and occupies a 19Gb partition on a 200 GB disk (Disk 1) and I back it up daily to a 20GB partition on Disk 0.
I back up the C drive to a 15Gb partition on Disk 1 and currently there is about 100GB free space on this disk. There are two 200GB external disks which I use as mirrored archives for working data, switching folders between the D drive and these as needed.
It takes Norton several hours just to do a weekly full scan of the C & D Drives and it never shows anything.
Is there any way I can cut down on the amount of Norton scanning I do? Should I be routinely checking other drives?

  Gongoozler 16:54 23 Mar 08

Norton presumably checks everything that goes into and out of your computer, so there should be no need for a regular full scan. If you copy a file from a suspect disk, then it's worth checking that before you add anything from it to your computer.

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