How much is my PC worth ?

  Damo369 17:47 PM 25 Sep 12

Hi everyone, its time for a new machine and to sell my old one, its custom built. Can any kind soul give me your opinion on how much it's worth and maybe where's best to sell it Intel core 2 quad 2.40Ghz ~ 3.15Ghz RAM: 4096MB ATI Radeon HIS HD 5870 CoolerV 2806MB Thermaltake Tsunami dream air cooling case 2 Harddrives: 149GB and 465GB SATA Windows 7 64-bit AMD High definition audio device DVD R/RW Compact disc Rewritable


  bremner 18:07 PM 25 Sep 12

You will be lucky to get £100-125

You will get the most by breaking it up and selling the individual bits.

Take a look on eBay, Loot or similar to compare prices.

  finerty 00:13 AM 26 Sep 12

Can u guarantee the parts if something goes wrong i dont think so, u might get away selling it to a student but not for very much. hence no guarantee.

  KRONOS the First 10:50 AM 26 Sep 12

To price all your components I need more details. The processor will probably have a Q number,that was a good case in its day but worth little now. Not a bad GPU, need to know make and model of RAM there is usually a number on a white sticker. What about motherboard. What age are the components? What make ETC of PSU have you got?

  woodchip 17:57 PM 27 Sep 12

As much as you can get for it


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