How much for a dvd rom

  futurekid 14:18 21 Sep 06

i have just upgraded my computer to a cd rw and dvd rom internal. And i have taken out my old cd rom/dvd rom.
My mate wants to buy it but i do not know how much to charge what do u think
i was thinking along the lines of 5-10 pounds



  Diodorus Siculus 14:20 21 Sep 06

If you are a "kid" then a fiver is about a fair price; if you're an adult, then give it to him for free... that's how I look at it.

  skidzy 14:22 21 Sep 06

Spot on Dio :-)))

  futurekid 16:49 21 Sep 06

now i have been looking on the internet to see how much they are going for

Which is best

5 pounds
10 pounds

sites such as are selling them for 30 pounds

  sean-278262 16:51 21 Sep 06

Play nice now. We dont want to get the FE involved. £5 would be fine. Say what does he want to give you for it and take it from there.

  Stuartli 16:57 21 Sep 06

You can buy a brand new one for less than a tenner - be generous and donate it...:-)

It's what I do with similar used equipment.

  Stuartli 16:58 21 Sep 06
  lisa02 16:58 21 Sep 06

trade him,

"buy me a spindle of disks and ya can have it"

Or if he's a good friend let him have it.

  pj123 17:01 21 Sep 06

I can buy a brand new DVD Rom for £10. So if you really want something for it I would accept a fiver.

Alternatively, I have 3 DVD Rom drives sitting in a box that you can have for nothing. (maybe just the postage?).

Can you give a link to show Maplin selling them at £30?

  sean-278262 17:05 21 Sep 06

click here

27.99 and upwards. Maplin is never that good value for components I find. Great for advice and some bits however.

  Stuartli 17:08 21 Sep 06

Criminal prices, especially when you think you can buy a DVD rewriter for less than that...:-)

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