How many tracks can I get on my mp3 128mb?

  TommyRed 23:36 29 Jan 05

At the moment I've got 27 but can I get more? I've got DbPowerAmp which has compressed quite a few. As it's a cheapie I cant increase the memory that I know of. TIA TR

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 23:38 29 Jan 05

depends on what bitrate ripped at

128 gives approx 4mb file for a standard song

  powerless 23:38 29 Jan 05

MP3 encoding is?

  ACOLYTE 23:41 29 Jan 05

I have Dbamp and there is that many Encoders to choose from,maybe try another apart from MP3 Lame or lower the bitrate to get smaller files.

  ton 00:56 30 Jan 05

Can the player can play wma files? (a lot of them can).

These files can be much smaller and sound just as good as larger mp3 files.

  temp003 06:03 30 Jan 05

As Fruit Bat /\0/\ explains, it depends on the bitrate you use (expressed in kilobits per second or kbps).

A good reference point to remember is, at 128 kbps, one minute of music is about 1 MB in size. Hence the figure of 4MB per song - 4 minutes per song on average.

(For MP3 format, 128kbps is near-CD quality - but people disagree and many like to rip at higher bitrates).

So your 128MB player can store about 128 minutes of music at 128kbps.

If you rip your songs at a higher bitrate, the size of the music file is proportionately bigger. Eg, at 192kbps, 1 minute of music will be about 1.5MB. Your 128MB player will store 80-odd minutes of music at 192 kbps, and so on.

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