How many "hours" of MP3 can you fit on a CD

  KorgY 23:08 21 May 09

Hello, I have lots of small Audio files, combining 70+ hours, but are only 619 megs big total. However, when i try to put them on a CD to play in a conventional CD player (not ipod/pc etc), they don't work, there is no sound (even though the counter is going.

I've tried burning them in MP3, Data, Copy etc (the files are of MP3 format) in nero. Is it possible to put 70+ hours of Audio on a CD to play back?


  Stuartli 23:30 21 May 09

You could play them back in Irfanview or Windows Media Player on your system.

You probably have a CD player that cannot play MP3 tracks (might be too old).

  BRYNIT 23:31 21 May 09

? does your CD player play MP3 files if not it will not play.

  KorgY 23:33 21 May 09

Yes, it does play MP3 files.

  OTT_Buzzard 23:36 21 May 09

If the counter is the track number then as Stuartli said, your CD player probably can't playback mp3's.

If it is 'playing' through a complete track but you don't have sound then that could just be a hardware set-up issue.

As for how hours many can you fit on a CD: as many as you want if the audo quality is low enough! more interesting is how many tracks can a CD player recognise before it over-runs its capablity. E.g. if the display only goes to 99 then what happens if you put 100 tracks on a CD.....might be worth putting a CD with only a handful of tracks on into your CD player.

  KorgY 00:15 22 May 09

Thanks, actually, my portable CD player doesn't read mp3;s (which is what i wanted it on) but my hi-fi does (that's 6+ years old)


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