How many digi pics can u save on a cd?

  rins36 21:23 15 Jul 03

I have saved 7 pics on a 700MB cd, 2.29mb of pictures in total

Does this seem the correct amount of pics? they are jpeg images

Just curious

  Gaz 25 21:30 15 Jul 03


You could fit 1000's on. Look a 700Mb disc and 2.26Mb used, you could have 700Mb worth of Pics.

  accord 21:39 15 Jul 03

it all depends on what size of photo you take. my digicam goes from 640x480 to 2560x1920. the smallest is approx 200kb, the largest approx 1.2mb. on that theory, approx 580 pix at the largest and approx 3500 pix at the smallest. all pix are in jpeg format

  rins36 21:42 15 Jul 03

Gaz 25

The cd is full it has used 2,404,352,bytes

Please can u explain how i can get what you said on to cd......

"You could fit 1000's on. Look a 700Mb disc and 2.26Mb used, you could have 700Mb worth of Pics"

I have only ever saved to floppy until recently

  rins36 21:52 15 Jul 03


most of my pics are 640x480 and around 3.19kb per picture, i agree with wht u are saying that it varies on wht size photo u take

On a floppy i have been able to save around 24 pics of various images, the floppy being a formatted 2HD

Thanks for the input

  jazzypop 21:54 15 Jul 03

What program are you using to store the pictures onto the PC?

It sounds as if you have 'finalised' the CD - this is like putting a little marker at the end of the CD saying "I'm full, no room for anything else".

If you leave the CD unfinalised, or 'open', you will be able to record more pictures to it later.

  Valvegrid 21:54 15 Jul 03

Sounds like your checking the CD in Windows Explorer, if you are, ignor it and check with the application you use for burning the CD with i.e. Nero.


  mammak 21:57 15 Jul 03

rins36,going on what accord said my digiphotos are at largest 450kb, on a 700mb disc, get your calculater out i think you might get around two off that size too 1mb, a good few thousand, at a guess, but you would i think have to have them all in the same folder, so as to copy, by they way am only tryng to help so if am wrong , i dare say they experts will kick in, and i will be left with egg on my chin as usual, regard,s Mammak

  hssutton 21:58 15 Jul 03

I'm guessing that you closed the Cd after burning the 7 images. I can save approx 60 high resolution images to a CD. it all depends on the image size

  Danoh 22:18 15 Jul 03

By choosing multi-session or data-CD burn options, offered by your CD-burning software's wizard.

  Gaz 25 22:21 15 Jul 03

I would suggest as all the above posts.

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