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  LeeIT 12:33 09 Feb 06


ive been asked a question, and need help please.

On a network with an ip address and subnet of what is the maximum number of devices i can have and is it a class 'A' or class 'B' or 'C' network. how di u get the answer? please help


  rmcqua 12:44 09 Feb 06

You might get a better result from posting this in the Networking forum, Lee.

  Thalmus 13:18 09 Feb 06

the subnet mask defines what part is the network Id and which part is the host ID. So if you place the ip address over the subnet mask like this

10. 100.0. 0
255.255.0. 0

the 10.100. is the network part and the 0.0 is the host part.

IP range from 0 - 255, all 0's is not used as it refers to 'this netwok' and all 255's is not used as it is used for broadcast messages

so the number of different host addresses you can have is

0.1 - 255.254, which equals

255 * 255 - 2 = 65,023 hosts

for the class of the network look again at the subnet mask = class a = class b = class c

hope this makes sense

  nerawan 16:57 09 Feb 06

Yes. That makes sense

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