how to make my laptop wireless

  90210 16:44 21 Jul 05

can anyone help? I have a Toshiba Equium M40X laptop and i want to be able to connect at airports,macdonalds etc. i went to pc world and put my queries forward and just told me i needed a product which i bought. It was a Belkin wireless G notebook network card. I installed it all ok but havent a clue what to do next. If i take my pc to the airport where the wi fi is , do I just put the card into the laptops slot? How do I actually connect up, do I need to have some type of provider installed first or does it somehoe locate the nearest strongest signal? And how do i go about paying when I am connected? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  concretepigsy 18:25 21 Jul 05

Most wifi hotspots need a subscription. Your laptop and card will recognise any networks in range when the card is enabled. In exchange for a subscription you get a password for the network which you enter, and away you go!!

  90210 18:29 21 Jul 05

Sooo! for instance if i take my pc to the airport bit where its wireless I say I want to coonect , pay my money and thats it?

  concretepigsy 18:47 21 Jul 05

basically yes

  BEN MARSHALL 16:18 23 Jul 05

1)Your Pc sends out a WiFi network signal which is detected in hotspots e.g. Airports.

2)You then redgister and pay to be linked up to there network they give you a code called a WEP key. which lets you logon to the network.

3)you can now use the network in the airport, using the internet etc. all you need do is...

1)Subscribe 2)plugin Wifi Network card 3)Switch on and it should auto login!!!

hey presto walkinto a room and gain resorses also usefull in the workplace!

hope this helps Ben Marshall.

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