How to make a game so I don't need the cd?

  dougle00 15:56 23 Mar 07

Hi anyone help? I have a load of games for my laptop to play when I am away. The thing is I would like to install them on my laptop so I don't need the disk when I go away. Can this be done? I have a virtual drive installed if that is any good.


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:19 23 Mar 07

you need to "mount" the cd in the virtual drive (copy to the virtual drive program) and install the game from the virtual drive, so that is where it thinks the CD is located.

This will of course add the size of the CD to your HDD drive installing several cds to the virtual drive program can take up alot of space.

  dougle00 19:28 23 Mar 07

I have got Daemon virtual drive. I have copied the cd files to HD but cannot figure out how to mount it. Any ideas?


  audeal 19:38 23 Mar 07

I simply copy the CD into a folder on my "D" drive and install it from there.

Remember that some games need the CD to pass the built in protection that is on the CD and can't copy that to the hard drive, so you will still need the CD.

  jogjog 21:54 23 Mar 07

Hi, to get over lugging cd's around with me i used to goto click here, search thier games index and normally you could download a 'no cd fix' file for a particular game, replace the exe. file in the games folder with this fix. some games had a more complex solution, but there were usally insructions on how to play your game with no cd, you are allowed too do this if you own the original game. I havent done this for some time as my pc's are too old and tired to play games these days. Hope this helps or at least points you in the right direction

  keef66 22:55 23 Mar 07

I can confirm what jogjog says. Just do a full install of the game, find the relevant no-cd crack and you're away. It feels slightly dodgy, but if you bought the game, nobody's going to complain.

And it saves wear & tear on the cd drive

  dougle00 06:41 24 Mar 07

Thanks guys, I have looked at that site but cannot seem to get a file for Monopoly Tycoon. I have copied all the files across so just need to find a site with the file for Monopoly.


  dougle00 07:15 24 Mar 07

I managed to download the file from a sister site to the one mentioned above. I replaced the executable file with it but now when I Click the icon I have changed to play it comes up with an error.

Any ideas what I am doing wrong? Is there something else I need to do apart from just replacing the executable file?


  dougle00 15:12 24 Mar 07


  Snec 15:20 24 Mar 07

Those "no CD cracks" often do not work. They seem never to be checked byone prior to being mafe available for download. They can also be carrying a virus so please be wary of these "No CD" things.

  Snec 15:21 24 Mar 07

byone* by anyone

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