How to make a full system restore CD

  Epirb406 09:06 01 May 04

Hi Folks,

This comes about as a result of trying to give someone some support with their PC (that I built) from a distance.

I see that if you buy an off the shelf PC, HP for instance it comes with a system restore disc which will reinstall windows and drivers for installed hardware. A one shot solution.

I have seen these discs deal with crashed and damaged installations and full clean installations on new hard disk, all virtually hands free.

Anyone know how this is done and how a numpty like me can make one?

Thanks all, Epirb.

  Rayuk 09:36 01 May 04

Is this similar to what you are looking for
click here

  Epirb406 10:00 01 May 04

Looks like t, it also loks like I have been over ambitious about the amount of time I've got this morning.

Apologies, will revisit this this evening,

Many thanks, Epirb.

  lamda 10:19 01 May 04

into my postings

  billyliv 10:43 01 May 04


  paddyjack 12:32 01 May 04


  GANDALF <|:-)> 12:38 01 May 04

Not wishing to be 'off-topic' but why not go to the page and add the page to favourites? It can then be renamed memorably. Saves all the 'added to my postings' etc.


Gandalf, as always striking at the heart of the problem........

  g0nvs 13:47 01 May 04

I use GHOST or DRIVE IMAGE, never have a problem. Either copy image to CD or DVD or even create a hidden partition on the HDD. Saves many hours re-installing everything bit by bit.A format and re-install here took me 32 mins from start to finish. Most PCs have large HDDs and/or CD writers these days, not to have a Restore Disc is criminal !!

  Big Elf 13:50 01 May 04

Please correct me if I'm wrong but isn't that link for a Linux boot CD?

  Rayuk 14:34 01 May 04

No need to correct you,Google isnt infallible either.Will have to have another look round

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