How to make a echo/sound service test call on Skype

  ponytail 17:49 23 May 15

I seem unable to test my audio/visual connection when using Skype.I just used to click on Echo/Sound test service but now seem unable to get it even though it is still on my contacts list

  northumbria61 06:58 24 May 15

Try this -

In your contacts - Select Echo/Sound Test Service - then under call tab select audio settings - adjust your volume settings by moving blue dot to right

  ponytail 16:18 24 May 15

The blue dot is as far right as it can go

  Ian in Northampton 20:41 24 May 15

Are the other audio functions on your computer working? A reason you can't find what you're looking for/make it work is that your PC is not detecting a sound device.

  ponytail 13:34 31 May 15

For some reason now when I use the testing service I cannot get the camera to work as the camera icon at the bottom which says turn on video is not highlighted so all I have is the mic any ideas anyone

  Ian in Northampton 14:07 31 May 15

That tells me your PC/Skype doesn't think you have a camera attached.

  ponytail 14:57 31 May 15

What should I do in that case if you are correct

  Ian in Northampton 17:13 31 May 15

Do you have a way of testing your camera? Some other application that uses it, or the driver that (presumably) came with it? I'm just wondering if e.g. a driver has become corrupt? What does Device Manager tell you?

  ponytail 18:03 31 May 15

I tested the camera using webcam toy and it was fine.

  Ian in Northampton 18:31 31 May 15

You never said if you resolved your sound problem - and if you did, how? I'm guessing you did. It may be worth reinstalling Skype, given the issues you've been having.

  ponytail 20:53 24 Jun 15

I uninstalled skype and then had a ord with my son when he came round and he somehow sorted it out so thanks for your advice.I have reinstalled skype and it seems fine

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