how to make drop down menus for items i sell

  andy63walsh 14 Mar 09

how to make drop down menus for items i sell, I have loads of model numbers and want to let customers pull down a box choose the manufacturer then next choose the model number ?
I'm using macromedia fireworks 8
Can you help.

  Kemistri 14 Mar 09

You need to know some jQuery or other JS library, some PHP, and MySQL.

The first form field needs to have a submit action triggered when an item is selected, which will call your PHP into action to grab the items (from your database) that are relevant to that first selection and populate the second form field with this data while preserving the state of the first dropdown. As you have to use JS to perform the submit action, you might as well make use of AJAX techniques to make an XHR (XMLHttpRequest) and avoid a total refresh. Keep in mind that you cannot use conditional dropdowns when JS is blocked or unsupported.

  andy63walsh 15 Mar 09

I'm lost, I only know very basic parts of dreamweaver, sorry, but i want to learn so i can stay in control of the site and change it fast myself.

  Kemistri 16 Mar 09

No need to apologise. But I recommend that you abandon ideas like conditional drop-downs if your knowledge is not up to it.

On a side note, learning to use DW is not the most painless or productive way of beginning to manage your own website.

  andy63walsh 16 Mar 09

Do you think other software will be easier ? What would you say is the best.

  Kemistri 16 Mar 09

I think that your developer should have installed a content management system when the site was created. But as I don't know your circumstances, making recommendations would be difficult and maybe not very useful.

  andy63walsh 17 Mar 09

I don't have a developer, I think I will have to pay some one to do it, then I will just do running repairs and add content as and when.


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