How to make a copy of a DVD

  loopyloo 22 Aug 11

My friend has given me a dvd she made of a concert she recorded on Sky Plus. I would like to make an extra copy as backup because I am forever losing dvd's. Please can someone inform me as to how I can do this on my computer. I am running Windows 7 and have one drive for dvd/cd's.

  morddwyd 22 Aug 11

Can't help you with the copy, but I'm not sure this is legal; if not the FE will soon let you know!

  eedcam 22 Aug 11

Use imgburn its free Use Mirror 8 to download from then wheninstalled and opened just choose create image file from disc then write image file to disc link text

  Forum Editor 22 Aug 11

"I'm not sure this is legal"

Technically it isn't, but as you're simply making the backup for your personal use I'm sure you need not fear a knock on the door from the copyright police.

In general terms, recording TV programmes is OK, as long as you don't start making multiple copies of the recording, and passing them around amongst your mates.

  morddwyd 23 Aug 11

"recording TV programmes is OK"

Even concerts, and passing them on? Would the Performing Rights Society be happy with that?

  eedcam 23 Aug 11

Well even copying a CD is technically illegal but the OP was ''How To'' not ''is it Legal''.Good grief we are not talking about Pirate copies of copywritten DVD's.


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