How to make a bootable DVD copy of my HDD

  jimforrest 17:57 24 Mar 15

I have now got my spare IBM laptop working and set up just right. It basically has Win7 and Microsoft Office on it. So now is the time to make a DVD so that if I suffer a complete crash I can shove the DVD in and put back everything onto the (possibly new) HDD - but on the same computer.

I have read the 'net on the subject, and it's confusing! It seems a Win7 image isn't the same as an iso, and probably isn't bootable. There are loads of programmes to make iso's, but they seem more for archiving other DVD's etc.

So how can I make a rescue iso (or image) that I can put in the optical drive and completely restore my HDD even if I've had to replace the HDD?

One final question - HDD's are cheap, so if one fails, it's easy to replace it with a bigger one. However, how will an iso from a smaller HDD handle the bigger one?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:13 24 Mar 15

I use Macrium reflect free to make images of my drives and save to an external drive

  1. make an image to and external Drive click here make a rescue disk to boot the image from if windows faulty or drive renewed. click here restore the image to the same drive or larger click here

2. 3.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:14 24 Mar 15

I hate the way this forum buggers up the formatting!!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:17 24 Mar 15
  1. make an image to and external Drive see here

  2. make a rescue CD to boot the image from if windows faulty or drive renewed see here

  3. restore the image to the same or bigger drive see here

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:17 24 Mar 15

That's better :0)

  jimforrest 19:22 25 Mar 15

Thankyou Fruitbat. Downloaded Macrium and started following the instructions you provided. The problem is that the programme said that the (new) CDr needed formatting - proceeded to do so - and messed up! It did this twice. Both CD's are now unusable. I don't know why, but it wouldn't recognise a (new) DVDr in either the fixed drive, or an external drive.

I suspect it's using Windows to format the discs, and Windows NEVER manages to format CD's in my experience. In fact I'm surprised that they require formatting at all. If I use Nero to write a CD it never says anything about formatting.

  john bunyan 20:18 25 Mar 15

You will need to use a USB HD, not a DVD, for the image. DVD's / CD's are fine for the rescue disc.

  jimforrest 23:47 25 Mar 15

Ah - ok - I'll rummage in the cupboard 'cos I have a caddy and spare HDD ........... somewhere! I was a bit misled then because the programme offers to put it on CD/DVD as an option.

Back later ...... no doubt!

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