How long does it take you to open the PCA website?

  cyberphobic 18:56 25 Feb 03

There have been several threads recently about the site being slow and I've been wondering about some sort of benchmark. Obviously the variables are almost infinite, computer spec, type of internet connection, time of day etc. But I thought it might be instructive and amusing if forum members gave a very brief description of their set up and connection and then timed how long it takes from clicking on the logo on their desktop or I/E favourites to the full PCA Helpromm screen with the the search facility at the top appearing on their screen.
So to start the ball rolling: PC Chips M810 M/board, Athlon 1400, 512mb RAM, Pipex 576 broadband. Opening time 8 seconds at 1845 tonight.

  cyberphobic 18:58 25 Feb 03

Helpromm is similar to Helproom!

  tran1 19:06 25 Feb 03

For me it takes about 5 seconds. 512ADSL (only running about 2 thirds of that becuase I'm using an extension). pentium 4 2.5 and 512 DDR ram.

  lemon2 19:07 25 Feb 03

QDI Advance 10F motherboard, PIII 1Ghz processor, 640mb RAM, Pipex 452 broadband.

Opening time: 8:49 seconds at 19:00 hours

  powerless 19:09 25 Feb 03

Benchmark shouldn't be on our PC's spec. It should be on what time we arrive home from work and "why do i always go to the helproom when its at its most busiest?"

The PC spec has nothing to do with how fast a page will open (to a point).

Its dependant upon your connection, 14.4, 28.8, 56, 128 , 512, 600 , 1MB...

Its also dependant upon BANDWIDTH of the PCA server. When there are many accessing the site the BANDWIDTH drops and as a result it slows down. The constant click and refreh and then click and refresh do not help, although its understandbale.

Primarily it PCA's success that slows it down...

OR more recently the slammer worm!

Also do you clear temp files now and again? that helps...

Also what browsers do people use...

  Scouse 19:23 25 Feb 03

Access to the site is just about 6 seconds.

  grove34 19:36 25 Feb 03

3.5 seconds

  Stuartli 19:48 25 Feb 03

I have a 56k connection - it takes about 30 seconds.

I click on Log In and, as the initial page starts to load, click on HelpRoom. The bar at the bottom right indicates when the download begins.

As soon as this begins to load I click on CustomerWatch, right click for the menu and then Open in New Window.

The secret is to do each click immediately the download commences.

  ams4127 19:52 25 Feb 03

22 seconds from clicking on Explorer on my desktop, dialling, logging in and getting to the helproom. ISDN 64Kps.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:57 25 Feb 03

less than 10 seconds after clicking IE and very fast once on Tiscali 56K.


  lixdexik 20:48 25 Feb 03

running an old amd k6 2 500mhz on a soyo sy-5eh5 v1.0 super 7 mobo. 276m sd ram. cable modem 512kbs.with blueyonder.. superb performance normaly.

Cheers Lixdexik

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