how to log onto 2 computers

  mark224 13:17 22 Oct 06

ive 2 comps 1 at work and 1 at home only when at home i would like to view and work on files on my work comp and vise vursa is there a way of doing this

  powerless 15:01 22 Oct 06

It is possible.

But accessing your computer at work will or might require the assistance of the IT people at your work. It all depends how they have it setup, i.e. you need to fill out a form for a remote access.

Accessing your home from work is easier but that depends on how your internet is monitored. Does it go through a proxy, is that proxy protected? Or is it even monitored?

What's your setup?

  irishrapter 15:41 22 Oct 06

Try here click here
It may or may not work, it depends on the security setup on both computers.

  FreeCell 15:59 22 Oct 06

This question is on the Helproom and Networking forums! You seem to be getting the same answers from both.

IMHO it perhaps would be best to restrict your question to one forum at a time so that those trying to help can see all the other responses and so not waste your and their time giving the same information more than once.

  Danoh 19:54 22 Oct 06

And you are hijacking someone else's thread as well click here

Please at least reply to responses already posted here and close your other Helproom thread down, or vice versa. I.e. just as FreeCell has already said.

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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