How to keep my webcam microphone as default microphone using Skype?

  Triprajul 09 Jul 11


Recently I purchased a Logitech HD webcam Pro 9000. I installed it as per instructions but when I first used with Skype (BTW, I only use Skype for internet telephoning), the webcam microphone wasn't immediately functioning. I had to go into Skype and switch from the, I think, laptop microphone setting(if my laptop even has one) to the microphone built into the webcam. The switch seemed to work fine. However, today when we received a phone call on Skype, the person calling could see us but couldn't hear us but we could see and hear him clearly. When I immediately checked the audio settings in Skype, in the drop-down menu for audio settings for selecting the appropriate microphone, there was only one microphone to select but it wasn't my webcam microphone. The microphone in my brand-new Logitech webcam wasn't even listed therefore I couldn't select to turn it on. Basically, how can I make sure that my webcam microphone is always the default microphone whenever I use Skype? My OS is Vista Basic and any information given is greatly appreciated.

  onthelimit1 09 Jul 11

It's a laptop? Do you leave the Logitech plugged in all the time? If not, Skype may default to the laptop.

  Nontek 09 Jul 11

In tools>Options>Video settings make sure that Video is working, then click on Save at bottom of window.

Next go to Tools>Options again and click on Audio Settings, make sure that Logitech Mic (Pro 9000) is shown, use drop-down arrow if necessary, talk or make a noise to ensure that Volume indicator is working. Tick box for Automatically adjust microphone settings. Click on Save at bottom of window.

  Woolwell 09 Jul 11

Open Control Panel, Click on Hardware and Sound, Under Sound click on Manage audio devices then on the recording tab highlight the webcam and then set default.


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