How to keep folders 'in their place' within a folder?

  buel 14:41 03 Mar 13

Hi, I have a folder of downloads (Not the Windows default one) that i arrange in a certain order but every now and then when i go back in to the folder they all appear in in alphabetical order.

Is there a way that i can keep the contents of this folder in the order that i want, please?

  hssutton 15:02 03 Mar 13

Place a number in front of the download name such as 001,002 etc.

  buel 15:20 03 Mar 13

Thanks but i mean that i keep some in the top left hand corner of the folder, some in the top right hand corner etc. So having them in alphabetical/numerical order wont actually help me?

  buel 17:16 03 Mar 13

Hello, anyone?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:24 03 Mar 13

What folder view are you using? Tiles? Icons?

I'm sure its the width of the window that may be moving the Tiles/Icons

  difarn 17:26 03 Mar 13

I believe that this is because the previous ability to disable auto-arranged ha been abandoned in Windows 7 - have a read of this article and the links that show you how to do a registry fix that may reinstate this.

  lotvic 18:06 03 Mar 13

re: as per hssutton advised at Today at 3:02PM

"So having them in alphabetical/numerical order wont actually help me"

It should, try it before you discount it. Rename the existing files inside the folder by adding a number and underscore in front of present name. Like this, 001_presentname.jpg (jpg or exe or whatever it is)

  buel 18:47 03 Mar 13

Difarn, i apologise, i should have explained that Im using Vista.

Fruitbat, Im using medium icons and have unticked 'auto arrange'.

lotvic, apologies, perhaps me explaining a bit more will help- i kept all the video folders on the right hand side of the screen and the audio on the right hand side of the screen and the 'downloading' files at the bottom.

Does this make it clearer?

  wee eddie 10:46 04 Mar 13

I think that buel is talking about the position of Folders on his desktop - Yes?

  buel 20:49 04 Mar 13

Hi, No, I am actually trying to explain that I mean the files within a folder?

  wee eddie 09:28 05 Mar 13

As noted above, the only way to order Files within a Folder needs to be based on their File Names.

Either alphabetically, numerically or a combination of the two.

For example 001, 002, 003, 004, etc.

or a, b, c, d,

or even 001, 002, 003a, 003b, 003c, 004 where 003 is a series.

You can also have Folders, within Folders, within Folders. I believe that the length of the Name is limited to 128 characters, which includes the Folder Name and any separating /'s

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