How to install a SSD

  iqs 20:21 PM 27 Jul 11

Hi, I will be reinstalling W7 soon,and will be buying a SSD HD. I was wondering how to install the drive and then W7 Thanks

  sunnystaines 20:39 PM 27 Jul 11
  iqs 20:55 PM 27 Jul 11

Thanks for the links

  retep888™ 21:07 PM 27 Jul 11

I just used double sided tape as well as blu-tack to stick 2 of these inside my full tower, they don't get hot at all and stayed there ever since.

If your tower has dedicated HDD bay for them ,that's fine if not get one of these SSD caddies click here and install them as though a SATA drive but smaller.

Win7 will be installed on it like no difference to a normal hard drive, because I installed them as RAID 0 so no other application was needed and they performed brilliantly for the last 2 years without any personal input/maintenance.

However if for a single drive then AHCI should be enabled in the Bios and some maintenance program should be run from time to time (so as I heard), please refer to your HDD's website/forum.


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