How to include a website address in Thunderbird

  guesswho2 20:24 18 Sep 07

Could someone advise how include a web site address in an e-mail so that the person reading it can simply click it and connect.

  johnnyrocker 20:28 18 Sep 07

is it not the same as explorer and use file/send link by mail?

or copy paste the url?


  guesswho2 20:32 18 Sep 07

Yeah, but when I copy and paste, it doesn't turn blue with a line under it to make it an "active finger" if you see what I mean.

  johnnyrocker 20:37 18 Sep 07

what about my other suggestion then?


  guesswho2 20:42 18 Sep 07

Eh - don't actually understand your "file/send link by mail".

  guesswho2 21:03 18 Sep 07

Hi Marg7 and Johnny.
I guess I'm just being a thicko again but a trial right click on a url didn't seem to do for me, what it did for you!

  guesswho2 21:20 18 Sep 07

OK. The e-mail which I sent to myself when I first saw Marg7's note, has just come in! Thunderbird is painfully slow tonight.
Anyway, as you so rightly said, although it looked just like text when I typed it, when the e-mail came in, lo and behold it was as you said!
So, many thanks.

  johnnyrocker 23:16 18 Sep 07

not too familiar with firefox but always willing to learn, glad to have been of some help.


  DieSse 00:03 19 Sep 07

This is the normal method for Thunderbird

Mark the piece of text you want to add a link to (the text itself needn't be a web address, though it can be)

Click on the second icon from the right on the composition pane toolbar (next to the smilie icon) - and you can attach a link or an anchor, as well as other things. Click Link, and you'll get a pop-up window to play with.

You can also add a link to an image in the same way.

  guesswho2 16:17 19 Sep 07

Thanks Marg7 and DieSse for your help. I'll mark this Resolved now.

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