Bertie B 21:20 11 Jan 04

Having installed a Leadtek TV2000 Deluxe TV Card in the PC a few weeks ago - every now and then the system crashes totally and I get an "XP has recovered from a serious error" message. When the error report is sent to Microsoft I am told that the problem is due to a Device Driver but they can't identify which. As this has happened since the TV Card was installed together with included softeware, which included Ulead Video Studio 7 and Ulead DVD Movie Factory 2.5 then it has to be down to one of these!! Problem is that I have visited all sites and installed all available patches etc. - but still there are problems.

Any suggestions, please, how I can identify the problem??

  woodchip 21:32 11 Jan 04

As both programs are old programs i.e not written for WinXP that will be more than likely the problem. I have these programs on disc. Why not go to the Ulead site to see if there are any update patches

  woodchip 21:34 11 Jan 04

Look click here

  Bertie B 22:19 11 Jan 04

Thanks for that - appreciate the help - but, unfortunately, I've already done that and got the tee-shirt! However, this has not resolved the issue!

  woodchip 22:35 11 Jan 04

Have you tried the TV card for an update driver

  woodchip 22:37 11 Jan 04

You could also try from Run SFC/ Scannow or just SFC and press enter

  Bertie B 22:59 11 Jan 04

Yes - have installed Leadtek updates fro drivers.

What is this SFC/Scannow? Don't think I've come accross that one.

  VoG II 23:01 11 Jan 04

It is


and runs the System File Checker. Have your Windows disk to hand.

  Bertie B 23:08 11 Jan 04

Yes - just established what it is from Microsoft Help/ Ran it but nothing happened under SFC/SCANNOW or SFC! Sreen went momentarily black the first time but after that nothing happens!

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