How hot should a new laptop get??

I have just bought a new laptop/notebook. I have changed from a 17" screen to a 12.1" one so that I can enjoy greater portability. However the new notebook has been on for about half an hour and to the right of the touchpad it is positively warm/hot to touch.I don't think that this can be right so am thinking that I'll have to return it tomorrow :(
any advice?
It's the Aldi Medion one.
Double :(

  Technotiger 20:49 02 Jan 09

They do get quite warm. Make sure that it is not just sitting in your lap or on a bed for instance. Always on a hard flat surface, for mobility you could use something like a tea-tray to rest it on. Or you could buy a laptop cooling tray, I don't think they are expensive.

Thanks i have it on a laptop stand which is tilted so that it is easier to use it and the air circulates underneath. I didn't notice it with the larger laptop, but this has just one area which is noticeably hot. I did wonder if it was just because it is so much smaller.if it gets much hotter it would actually be unpleasant to touch!

  Technotiger 20:58 02 Jan 09

If it really gets any hotter, then yes, I would take it back to have it checked over - it might just be because it is new. I would always err on the side of caution though.

Sorry for being thick- why would it being new make a difference? other than the fact that it would be nice if it worked properly LOL! the problem is i don't think the staff at Aldi (who are very kind and helpful I must say) would know what to expect anyway. When I bought it the lady made me fill out a TV licence form which I questioned and she said it was because it contained a tv card- which it doesn't!It isn't getting any hotter it seems to have stabilised at "Very warm"!

  Technotiger 21:22 02 Jan 09

This often happens with any new electrical/mechanical items, usually settles down after a short while.

Very warm is normal! Really hot, is not! LoL

have just ordered a 15" laptop cooler with two fans which I presume adds a slope as well!I will ring up the helpline as well- i don't want to take it back if it's ok and I don't want to keep it if it isn't!!

  woodchip 22:58 02 Jan 09

It all depends on the CPU fitted. I have one that get too hot to have on Lap. Other can run all day without problems. first as a Celeron CPU, second one as a Centrino CPU

  Stuartli 23:59 02 Jan 09

The Dual Core laptops can get very hot - as my offspring puts it, enough to warm up the kitchen...:-)

  laurie53 07:01 03 Jan 09

Check whether you have any control over cooling or fan speed in Control Panel.

On a new item it should have been set to the best setting as default, but you never know.

For instance, I can set mine to various settings between "Max Cooling" and ""Max battery Life".

Thanks, this is a dual core one which I haven't had before. It also occurred to me that I usually use a mouse so my hands aren't "on" the bigger laptop as much.I will check out the cooling options in the control panel!

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