How to Hide my IP Address

  dssw19 23 Dec 12

I would like to know how I can either mask or change my IP address. I am a proffesional gambler and when I make a bet the betting company can see my IP address. When I place a bet from the same IP address they restrict the size that I can bet. I want to know if there is an easy way to stop my IP address being shown, or a way to change my IP address when I login. Is there any software or downloads one can recommend? Would this in anyway slow down my browsing speed or is this a tedious time consuming job? All advice greatly appreciated.

  nickf 23 Dec 12

Go to downloads section of this website , in the security section you will find this ChrisPC Free Anonymous Proxy 3.50 . I think this will meet your needs .

  Secret-Squirrel 24 Dec 12

" I want to know if there is an easy way to stop my IP address being shown,"

That's not possible.

"...or a way to change my IP address when I login"

If you're a home user then it should be easy. The chances are that the public IP address assigned to you by your ISP is a dynamic one. If so then to get a new address simply turn off your broadband router and turn it on again. To confirm whether the address has changed, use a website like this one.

PS: Proxy servers are great for users that need to hide their real IP addresses but they probably aren't the most elegant solution for your particular situation.

  flashfaint 26 Dec 12

Hi, You can use Proxy servers or software like elite proxy switcher to change your IP address. If you are a home user than you will be having dynamic Ip address.Just restart your modem/router and system ,your IP will be changed. Visit to check if your IP is changed.

  janiman 09 Mar 13

This is a most commonly asked question on internet now a day,s. Yes sometimes we really need to change the ip address. I changed my ip address when my ISP blocked many websites in my country. I used hide my ip software for this purpose. Very small software and easy to install. Now i can access any website that my IPS had blocked. You can use it too.


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