LINBAD2 22:07 04 Nov 08

I keep getting pop up in lower right corner saying windows antivirus that windows has detected spyware infection. i have run several anti spyware scans and it still keeps appearing there. how do i get rid of it. if answer me please give detailed simple instructions. thanks

  birdface 23:27 04 Nov 08

Try here Free version.Update it and run a full scan.see if that gets rid of it.

  Border View 23:28 04 Nov 08

Long day buteman??

  birdface 23:52 04 Nov 08

Yes.Very near bed time.Just back on here for a bit of peace and quiet.Just poured a large brandy.1st for a while, Just in case you get the impression that I do it every night.Watched the football Liverpool managed to get a point out of it.Also watched part of the Chelsea game.Not one of their best.Lets see what tomorrow brings.

  birdface 13:47 05 Nov 08

If MalwareBytes does not remove it.Try Superantispyware.You want the free here

  LINBAD2 14:29 05 Nov 08

nothing works and buteman it is not free to get rid of what scan found. only want free things. thanks

  birdface 14:58 05 Nov 08

Who Found What.Both Have Free versions.You must have downloaded the wrong one.

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