How to get mp3's to play on linux?

  Internetwhizzkid 19:19 29 May 07

I have just installed linux and all is going well only problem is i cannot get my mp3's to play now I went onto google and have downloaded several codecs but the the thing is i do not know to install them. they are in a .tar.gz file or something

Will someone please be able to help me and tell me how to install software on linux using those files


  mocha 22:06 29 May 07

MP3 is a copyrighted format and therefore does not sit well with linux and it's beliefs.

Last year I was running SUSE 10.1, I spent weeks before I found a workround to get MP3's working.

This month I installed Kubuntu Fiesty Fawn and it played them immediately, let the forum know which version of linux you are running and one of use may have the answer.

Good Luck.

  octal 22:17 29 May 07

You need LAME click here

  octal 22:20 29 May 07

Sorry, that's the encoder, try XMMS click here

  Internetwhizzkid 22:59 29 May 07

I am using ubuntu 7.04

  baldtaco 23:12 29 May 07
  Input Overload 23:23 29 May 07

'MP3 is a copyrighted format and therefore does not sit well with linux and it's beliefs.' Glad I use Vista.

  mocha 23:32 29 May 07

That's the same as mine only yours has the gnome desktop, I don't know what the problem is.

It played mp3's for me when I first downloaded from Ubuntu site and installed it.

Did you download yours or get it off a computer mags. cover disk?

  mocha 23:45 29 May 07

Hi Input Overload, check this out for Vista v Ubuntu click here

  ashdav 00:24 30 May 07

If you can access add/remove programs from the desktop (usually the bottom left icon) then scroll down to install VLC. I use Kubuntu myself but it's virtually the same as Ubuntu.
VLC is the same as Media Player Classic under Windows and it will play virtually anything .

  scotty 12:32 30 May 07

If I remember correctly, there are different "Repositories" where the software is stored (universe, multi-verse etc). There is a separate repository for non-free (non open source) software. You may need to add this repository in the list of repositories where the Synaptic package manager looks for software.

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