How to get off the GnuCash mailing lists?

  TonyV 26 May 13

About 5 weeks ago I foolishly downloaded GnuCash to see how good or bad it was for Home Accounts on the iMAC. That was my first mistake! The programme would not operate and it was almost impossible to get my QIF file to work within the programme. It kept coming up with a date problem related to 1970! The oldest entry I had was May 2012.

I then tried the Help system. That was an adventure. I duly registered and checked the marker for the reply by e mail so that, I thought, I would get notification of any responses. This was a lemon. Buckets full of e mails came through but none were related to the query I raised.

After a couple of days, I gave up and unsubscribed from the Mail Lists and threw the programme in to the Trash Can.

I am still inundated with these e mails which are a complete waste of time. I have tried to contact them, and they tell me I am unsubscribed, yet still the e mails pour through.

It was suggested, via a moderator, that I was picking them up via a reflecting list like Nabbie. But I have no idea what that is about.

Has any one used the GnuCash Help System, and have they any way to help in getting rid of the e mails that are constantly coming through.



  spuds 26 May 13

I am not saying its the answer, but I have just put "gnucash unsubscribe" in a Google search, and it brought up a number possible answers.

  TonyV 26 May 13


Gnucash insist I have unsubscribed, but it appears not to stop e mails coming through from their system.


  Woolwell 27 May 13

You should be able to block the emails but this depends on how you access your emails.

  TonyV 27 May 13


I have set up a "rule" that puts anything with gnucash in the message in to a trash bucket! But, of course, the mail still gets through, though not readily available, which helps!



  TonyV 28 May 13

I thought I had managed to stop them, but alas, today they are back with a vengeance. I can only say beware anyone who is using GnuCash and ticks the box for mails if you ask them questions. You will get buckets full of junk mail that bears no relationship to the question you originally asked!

Be warned!!



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