How to get full HDD capacity

  Leehndrsn 08:58 10 Jul 06


I have recently built my own pc and have come across a few problems 1 mainly being the HDD capacity, Itself is a 250Gb drive but windows is only showing it to have 127Gb its connected via Sata and works fine, have i missed something out or does windows have some sort of limit?

Also I have a licenced copy of both XP home and pro, home came with my old pc and pro I bought, Is there anyway I can use either on the new pc as they have both been installed on the older machine?


AMD X2 4800+
KN1 SLI Extreme Mobo
Nvidia 7900GT 512 Extreme Edition
Windows XP
Maxtor 250Gb HDD
Lightscribe DVD/RW

  Sethhaniel 09:04 10 Jul 06

and gain another 30GB

has there been a large partition created tasking up the excess space ?

  Leehndrsn 09:07 10 Jul 06

I was not aware of any partition when I installed XP, I only saw the 1 main partition which was the only one I was able to install on

  Input Overload 09:23 10 Jul 06



into your run box & Ok, this will show your hard drive status.

  Leehndrsn 09:27 10 Jul 06

Ahh it says i have 105.77Gb this redeemable?

127.99 GB NTFS Healthy (system)

105.77 GB Unallocated

  dazwm 10:08 10 Jul 06

I had a similar problem and used Partition Magic to 'get it back'. But I am sure there may be some other way that someone will advise you on.

  Smiler 10:09 10 Jul 06

Format the unallocated section.

  Eric10 11:55 10 Jul 06

If you want to extend the C: drive to use the unallocated space then you will need to use something like Partition Magic as mentioned by dazwm. However, if you just want to create another drive which can be used for data and backups then in Disk Management just right-click the unallocated space and create a new extended partition using all the available space. Then create a logical drive by right-clicking again and finally right-click on your new drive to format it. click here for instructions with lots of pictures. Follow the links at the bottom of the page for each step.

  Monument 12:16 10 Jul 06

Your problem is that you have not installed SP1. OAn original version of XP will only see up to 127GB. Install SP2 and it will see the rest.

  Leehndrsn 20:24 10 Jul 06

SP1 and SP2 are both installed and its still not showing but will try the recommendations, many thanks

  dazwm 16:08 07 Sep 06

Leehndrsn have you resolved this problem? If so, please tick the resolved box.

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