How to get 'click here' boxes to open normal size

  flick 23:35 14 May 04

When I click on a "click here" link, the page comes up as a tiny little box which I then have to expand. Apart from being a bit of a nuisance, it has only recently been doing this. I would be grateful for suggestions as to how I can get pages to open in their normal size.

  Forum Editor 23:46 14 May 04

1. Drag the sides of the browser window to the edges of the screen then go the File menu, select Close and press F5. Click the link again and the new window should open fully.


2. Maximise the window using your mouse, then hold down the Ctrl button, close the window, let the Ctrl button go and re-open the window.


3. Hold down Ctrl + Shift + Alt while using the mouse to drag the sides of the window to fill the screen, close the window while still pressing the buttons.

  VoG II 23:54 14 May 04

but I'll throw my two pennyworth in:

Close all IE windows except the little one. Drag it to fill the screen. File/Close.

  flick 23:57 14 May 04

Thanks for your help FE; they now open in full size.

I wonder what I did to make it happen in the first place? I've come across websites that open new windows at half-size, but that was specific to those sites. My problem started a few days ago and was undiscriminating.

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