How to get 2nd internal HD up and running

  ashfordkent 16:42 10 Feb 06


Just installed a 2nd internal hard drive - I want to format it but it is not showing in "my computer". It is showing as successfully installed in device manager. Windows XP Home OS

I know this is probably easy.....if you know how



  Thalmus 16:45 10 Feb 06

right click my computer, select manage, select disk management, format from here

  Thalmus 16:46 10 Feb 06

some more detailed instructions if you click here

  ashfordkent 16:48 10 Feb 06

Great - i have never used this before - have opened computter management but I cannot see disk management - probably because I do not know what I am looking for

Cheers Thalmus

  ashfordkent 16:49 10 Feb 06

Thank you

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