how to flash a dvd writer with firmware?

  Superstylin 14:01 12 Apr 05

hi, i have an NEC3520 dvd writer and i want to be able to set it to use booktype so that a dvd video file will play as a dvd rom in my goodmans gdvd134

apparently a hacked upgrade is available (which i know will invalidate my warranty) named 3.22. i have yet to find this update but before i start i want to know how you flash a writer and whether or not a flash is likely to damage the hardware.

thankys for any help

  SurfMonkey _#:@}™ 14:06 12 Apr 05

I used a site called click here for mine I dont know if it will work for you give it a try be very carfull though if you do flash your drive dont intreupt the process once its begun I found that one out the hard way knackered drive like.

  Superstylin 14:10 12 Apr 05

official firmware upgrades or will it find hacke dones too? NEC haven't yet released a firware upgrade for my drive so i wonder what it will locate...what kind of drive did u flash?

  Sans le Sou 14:22 12 Apr 05

This may be what you require, just do it carefully and read any instructions before you do it, some people bugger their drives by ignoring the blurb. Hopefully it will work ok, but be prepared for the here

  Sans le Sou 14:39 12 Apr 05

Or maybe hereclick here

  Superstylin 15:01 12 Apr 05

will someone take a look at the following and see if i'm barking up the wrong tree

my take on the bitsettings, is that it is a way to get your writer to make a dvd rom out of +media so that a dvd player will be able to play it (since dvd rom are compatible with most dvd players and +media isn't)

so before i go ahead and flash my drive, am i also right in thinking that i could just use -media instead of flashing the drive and invalidating it's warranty?

if it's right that i can just change my media from + to - and have more luck with compatibility then i'd rather do that than mess with the firmware

  Superstylin 16:14 12 Apr 05

thanks sans, i used the modified firmware 1UA from liggy and dee in your second link. this allows for bitsetting, region free copying and removal of riplock on my drive

can't wait to test it out now, have to go to work though :(

  Sans le Sou 20:22 12 Apr 05

Hope all is well

  Mikè 21:06 12 Apr 05

A very active forum dedicated to NEC drive here

  Mikè 21:06 12 Apr 05

A very active forum dedicated to NEC drive here

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