How to fix onboard webcam causing crashes

  quakergirl 24 Sep 12

Hi there,

I've got an Asus Eeepc 1005HA which started constant crashes and the occasional blue screen. Having updated the hardware drives and worked through most of the solutions here:, and reinstalled windows, I ended up with a hardware device which was connecting/reconnecting - literally the icon was flashing on and off so fast it was hard to catch it to find out what it was - the onboard webcam. I assume from this that there is perhaps a dodgy connection that might be fixed by pushing it back in.

I'm not massively confident with the insides of computers, although I've managed to replace hard drives, RAM etc. in my desktop, so I was a little reluctant to play with the inside of my netbook, but I couldn't even manage to open it up having removed the obvious 4 corner screws, and wondered whether there is a standard approach with laptops, or whether I should give up and take it to a professional.

Any advice would be most gratefully received. Many thanks Penny

  Nontek 24 Sep 12

After removing the screws, the back is still held on by small plastic clips around the edges of the back cover, the clips are not separate items but are actually part of the case body. In order to remove the cover one needs to gently prize the cover off using a thin flat-bladed screwdriver or similar.

If you are not too sure of your own ability, then take it to a professional who might even do it while you wait.

I cannot advise about the webcam connection, other than suck it and see

  quakergirl 24 Sep 12

Many thanks for this - I will give it a try


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