How to fix a black/blank screen problem

  peter_j 05:07 08 Jun 13

Hey All - A little while ago my laptop (HP dv4) screen went blank when I powered on. I could only see a black blank screen that seemed to have light. Although I am able to connect the laptop to an external display and it will display just fine. At first I thought it was the inverter, but that did not work. I then replaced the LCD and that did not work. When I hit Ctl+Alt+Del on the blank display the computer display blacks out and blanks back in, signaling that it did get the message, but I still cannot see the display. I am out of ideas on what could be the problem. I ruled out the motherboard because I am able to connect the laptop to the external display, am I wrong in making that assumption? Any other suggestions?

  onthelimit1 09:30 08 Jun 13

Could be the ribbon cable that connects board to display. Not unusual for then to give problems after a while because of the flexing that occurs each time the lid is opened/closed. Usually quite cheap (I changed one on my Samsung netbook recently - under a tenner) so worth a try

  onthelimit1 09:32 08 Jun 13

An example from ebay here.

  onthelimit1 09:37 08 Jun 13

Just rechecked those ebay results, and the goods are direct from China (not ideal, but sometimes the only way), but the postage charges, for most, are ludicrous. Ill have a look fro some local based outlets.

  onthelimit1 09:39 08 Jun 13

One from Amazon UK

  peter_j 16:17 08 Jun 13

When replacing the LCD, I did whole top swap, so all the cables and such are in good working order. Unless the person I bought the LCD from had a faulty LCD.

  rdave13 16:39 08 Jun 13

Well, I don't know what to make of this but worth watching, you tube video.

  onthelimit1 18:00 08 Jun 13

Hmm. I have had these laptops where the black screen is there all the time, and that's always been caused by poor soldering on the video chip. BUT, this one displays OK on an external monitor. Odd.

  lotvic 19:45 08 Jun 13

Did you have to press a key combination to make it display on external display?

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