How to find if I have MS Publisher, please

  Solartopi 18:21 26 Jul 07

Hi Folks,

I have Windows XP & Office XP but I can't find MS Publishing on my computer. How would I go about obtaining MS Publisher to install.

Can anyone please Help me.


  Diodorus Siculus 18:28 26 Jul 07

What version of Office XP? I think you need at least the Small Business version.

If you have an older version of Office you can install Publisher from it.

  €dstowe 18:45 26 Jul 07

Don't worry too much if your version of MS Office does not have Publisher. There are lots of other programs that will do a similar job - some are free!!

Come back if you don't have it and someone will be along to suggest something.

  Solartopi 19:05 26 Jul 07

Diodorus Siculus,

office XP Home. No MS Office

Just had a look at the CD. No MS Office


  Shortstop 19:12 26 Jul 07


As you don't seem to have MS Publisher, the only way I know of would be to purchase/download as a stand-alone product. Free for 60 days, then you have to buy click here

Or you could try Scribus - free - click here



  Shortstop 19:13 26 Jul 07

Stand-alone should read part of a package ...

  Belatucadrus 20:17 26 Jul 07

click here Serif Pageplus SE

  Solartopi 16:30 01 Aug 07

Hi Folks,

Thanks for all your Help & advise.


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