how to erase personal info,re-install xp 4 pc sale

  buckrogers 15:49 11 Jan 07


I am selling my laptop and wish to erase all personal information from the hard-drive and then re-install windows for the buyer.
How do I go about erasing all programs, personal files & folders.
Do I just insert the xp cd & it automatically does this?

  rawprawn 16:13 11 Jan 07

click here You do not need to reinstall windows, you can wipe (securely) all your personal files using this utility.
If you use the XP CD to format your drive it will probably bo OK, but files can be retrieved with know how.

  rawprawn 16:16 11 Jan 07

I am not sure that selling a computer with Windows installed is legal, but I don't know.

  Batch 16:17 11 Jan 07

If you just reinstall XP, for most reasonable purposes your private information will not be accessible. Some hold the view that this should be sufficient if you are selling to an unconnected party.

However, a determined person would be able to search around the disk, in spite of the directories having been lost / disassociated from their hieracrchies and find files / fragments.

To be certain you would need to overwrite your files. Google for disk wipe or file wipe and take your pick.

  Jakey boy 18:35 17 Mar 07

Why on earth would it not be legal to sell a PC with windows installed?? I am about to sell my laptop, and was intending re-installing the OS to the original state. Please tell me that I won't be breaking any laws by doing this?! Sorry to hi-jack the thread btw!!

  Graham. 20:09 17 Mar 07

You're selling a laptop AND Windows XP. Can't see anything wrong with that.

  Migwell 23:37 19 Mar 07

As long as Windows is only installed on one computer everything is OK

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