How to enlarge a Mind Map saved in MS WORD

  K*B 03 Jul 12

Friends, I made a large Mind Map in MindGenius and saved it in MS WORD. I need it in MS WORD so that I can insert it into a WORD document. Unfortunately the map is now so small in MS WORD that the notes in the branches are not readable. I am finding a way of enlarging this mind map to fit onto one whole page in the MS WORD document and permanently keep it that way. How can I do this? Can anyone help? Thanks in advance.

  jaraba 03 Jul 12

If you have the file saved as a picture you could resize it using MS Picture Viewer. That is what I use and I am using Office 2003 & Vista

Right click on the picture file & you should see an option "open with". Look for MS Picture Viewer & click it. Within in that you have the option to resize the picture. You then save it with a new name so that you still have the original.

  lotvic 03 Jul 12

If it's a picture inserted on a Word doc, just click on it and then take your cursor to one corner until you get a 2 headed arrow (this keeps it in proportion whilst you drag it bigger or smaller. If you put your cursor on the picture you will get a 4headed arrow and you can drag the whole picture to move it's postition on the page.

  K*B 04 Jul 12

Thanks jaraba. I actually had the Mind map saved in MS WORD and it became a .docx image. I'm on Vista with WORD 2007. When I right-cliced the .docx image there was no "Open with" option so I couldn'd go any further. However, I used lotvic's approach and got it right. I then took your advice to save it under a new name and so preserved the original image. Now there are 2 blank pages that have appeared: one before the enlarged image and the other after. I have managed to remove the blank page after the image page, but I'm struggling to get rid of the blank page before it (ie, on top of it). How do I get rid of it? Thanks friends.

  lotvic 04 Jul 12

Sounds like you have some blank text lines in there somewhere which have pushed the picture down. Take your choice from the layout tab:

rightclick on picture -> format picture -> layout tab

  recap 04 Jul 12

Two ways to get rid of blank pages: 1) click Show/hide from you editing toolbar, and highlight and delete the page break. 2) click at the end of the text above the blank page drag down to the blank page to highlight the page and press delete on the keyboard.

  K*B 04 Jul 12

Thanks guys, recap's trick did it! All the best.


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